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Kelakos Advisors - worldwide legal!

Kelakos Advisors is an international legal firm that offers a range of services to businesses and clients around the world, with a focus in Asia. George Kelakos formed the firm over 14 years ago and has served as legal counselor and business advisor to C-suite level clients for a variety of scenarios, including dispute resolution, cross-border issues, chapter 11, and more.

George approached XBit Technology with the challenge of designing and launching a clean and simple, informative website that is still able to reflect the personability of his practice and remain engaging. George brings relevant principles from other disciplines into his work, including martial arts and music. XBit was able to design and build the Kelakos Advisors site to highlight the unique skillset that George brings to the table, and portray a sense of who he is as a person, encouraging his potential clients to start a conversation.

We continue to support and maintain the Kelakos Advisors website.