Laida's Kitchen - Delicious Asian Fusion

Laida’s Kitchen is a Filipino and Asian Fusion take-out restaurant. They have the best sushi and noodles in Ontario. Laida herself worked as a sushi chef in various restaurants before opening and operating Laida’s Kitchen..  

Laida came to XBit Technology looking to build a website that not only included the Laida’s Kitchen menu, but also allowed online ordering. The site would need to be convey the quality of Laida’s food, as well as make the process of getting it quick and easy. 

XBit was able to design Laida’s site with a clean look and an easy to navigate menu and ordering system in one. Customers can select food to add to their order as they view it on the menu, with add-ons and options automatically presented and applied, then simply confirm and checkout when they are ready.