MDHEALTHTRAK - Health Access at Your Fingertips!

MDHealthtrak is a tool for doctors and patients to manage and track illnesses, treatment, and communication, plus other administrative tasks, like appointment scheduling. 

Patients use the MDHealthtrak app or website to enter data in real-time about their conditions and send it to their doctor. Patients can also add their own symptoms and diseases, share specific medical information with their family or support network, send their doctors direct messages, and request virtual or in-person appointments.

In addition to tracking their patients’ progress with specific diseases and symptoms with instant access to shared data, doctors can also use their MDHealthtrak account to set “alarms” for particular symptom results, manage their appointments schedule, and add and edit diseases and symptoms that are not already included in the extensive disease library.

MDHealthtrak is a win-win for both doctors and patients, as they are saving time and money by avoiding unnecessary in-person visits, not to mention increased safety with social distance protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The founder of MDHealthtrak came to XBit Technology to take over future development of the system. The first step was to build a website that reflected the benefits of using MDHealthtrak to potential users and larger organizational clients. Additionally, a new round of Quality Assurance testing was necessary and undertaken on both the web system and the native Apple and Android apps. XBit Technology will be responsible for future development of the MDHealthtrak system, as well as some technology consulting and media production.