Paris Kern

paris kern - Private coach!

Paris Kern has been a Feldenkrais Practitioner since 1992 and has attained the highest professional certification as a designated Feldenkrais Teacher trainer. She maintains a busy private practice in Baltimore MD and travels around the world to teach other practitioners. Paris is also a founding member of the Feldenkrais Training Program of Baltimore.

Paris came to XBit as she was expanding her private coaching business. Our team helped her coordinate and manage the variety of tools she needed to integrate into a cohesive online presence and strategy.

In addition, there was work to be done on Paris’s website. After cleaning up the design and adding a few important features, Paris is now able to seamlessly promote her business and sell tickets to her virtual and in-person events on her website and through her social media channels.

The work XBit completed for Paris also led to a redesign and build of the Feldenkrais Training Program of Baltimore website. We continue to maintain and support both Paris’s private business online presence and the Feldenkrais Training of Baltimore website.